NATIVE EXTRACTS set NEW extract benchmarks in bio-actives & “REAL” benefits through innovative “cellular level” extraction processes.


NEW  bio-actives, unachieved through traditional extraction methods.

NEW  "True to Nature" floral & fruit odour profiles & natural colours – bio-actives with the added benefit of natural aromas. Ground breaking innovation towards developing "REAL" Natural cosmetics – "fragrance free", organic, & natural.

NEW  potency levels - superior percentages of bio-actives. Antioxidant ratings exceed industry standards, creating new possibilities in anti-ageing cosmetics, "superfoods", haircare, suncare, oral care & pharmaceutical applications etc.

NEW  deliverables on traditional extracts plus the largest range of Australian Native Fruit & Floral extracts creates a unique opportunity for new markets. Australian Native plants & fruits are acquired through Fair Trade, Community sourced, & eco-sustainable practices.

VISIT our PRODUCTS for the unique bio-actives & benefits, innovation & marketability you can achieve with Quandong, Davidson Plum, Emu Bush, Kangaroo Apple, Desert Lime, Illawara Flame Tree, Lemon Myrtle, Pepper Berry and so many more......

Proven by science and supported by independent university laboratory analysis.

New sources of bio-Actives = NEW points of difference & innovation

Proven by science & independent testing = substantiated label claims

Latest Media Releases

  • WORLD BREAKTHROUGH for Cosmetics: Australian company stabilises Vitamin C in a Kakadu Plum extract for 12 months! Tue, Aug 20th, 2013

    Lismore, New South Wales, August 20, 2013; Australian botanical extract manufacturer, NATIVE EXTRACTS Pty Ltd, announces a world breakthrough - their advanced "cellular" extraction process does the unexpected - stabilises Vitamin C for extended periods in an aqueous matrix, redefining expectations in Cosmetic product performance. This breakthrough will have enormous global impact on future directions for products and consumer benefits in the Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical and Nutriceutical industries.

    Vitamin C is notorious for being highly unstable and dissipates rapidly in solutions; questioning whether the full benefits can actually be delivered in many products. Vitamin C is used extensively in Cosmetic & Pharmaceutical products for its powerful antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties; it promotes collagen and behaves like an AHA. "Independent scientific analysis reports NATIVE EXTRACTS' advanced extraction process delivers what the Cosmetic industry has been waiting for; a natural source of highly stable Vitamin C so their products can deliver the full benefits of this superior antioxidant.", says Ross Macdougald, CEO NATIVE EXTRACTS.

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  • Story: "Native Extracts taking off", Shan Goodwin, The LAND Sat, Jun 1st, 2013

    Rural Publication, The LAND, reports of the exciting opportunity for Australian Native Growers and Wild Harvesters, as NATIVE EXTRACTS expand their markets from predominately a Bush Food industry into Cosmetic & Pharmaceutical applications as a result of their advanced scientific breakthroughs of their revolutionising extraction process. These superior Australian Native extracts are delivering superior potent bio-actives that will significantly impact the future direction of cosmetic & pharmaceutical product development. Introducing Australian sources' potency, marketability & benefits to the spotlight of the global Cosmetic stage. See the article for more ...

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