Want to know what is in your extract? 

We are committed to providing a deeper level of understanding of what a species has to offer so you can further research the compounds to determine how they will support your product development objectives.

Independent laboratory testing at Southern Cross University's Plant Science Analytical Services validates the major peaks of bio-actives present in each extract. Our extraction method delivers larger peaks, and a wider range of phyto-compounds and their derivatives.

The following technical data is available: 

  • Technical datasheets (TDS) outline the Phyto-actives, research references on the phyto-actives so you can start our own research on understanding why you might consider a species and it's extract, and possible applications you may want to explore. Our information is not intended as advice but rather a place to start your research. 
  • Independent Technical documentation - SDS, CofAs, Specifcations

New sources of phyto-actives = NEW points of difference & innovation


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