NATIVE EXTRACTS' innovation in CELLULAR EXTRACTION uses Biomimicry to deliver the first 'True to Nature' Native Frangipani extract, delivering its full plant profile of water-soluble phyto-actives, as they exist in nature. Cellular Extracts are naturally multifunctional, and the Native Frangipani offers an abundance of phyto-actives beneficial to hydrating, rejuvenating skin and hair as well as creating structure and tone. The unique synergy between it's compounds delivers a powerful natural ingredient targeting – advanced natural hair care, anti-aging, skin repair, fine lines and wrinkles, and collagen support. This stunning rainforest tree is native to Queensland and NSW and offers beautiful imagery with it's clusters of creamy yellow flowers.



  • Lignin is a natural organic substance that binds cells together. It allows cells to move while giving them structure. Lignin helps in keeping skin supple and toned at the same time;
  • Lignin would make a fantastic active in anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, skin toning and damaged hair products;
  • Growth stimulator and anti-bacterial;
  • Oxygen scavenger and antioxidant. 


  • Potent antioxidant activity;
  • Skin-whitening and wound healing activity;
  • Skin photo-protection active;
  • Anti-acne active.


  • Glycosides are used for two reasons in natural skincare, they help get other vital ingredients absorbed into the skin and to hydrate the skin by binding onto water molecules;
  • Provides potent antioxidant protection and supports healthy immune system function;
  • Supports healthy collagen production, the main component of connective tissue;
  • Strengthens capillaries, reducing dark circles and puffiness under the eye;
  • Flavone Glycosides stabalise Vitamin C which works synergistically, intensifying the antioxidant activity of Vitamin C.

REFERENCE Lignin, Benzoic Acid Derivatives and Flavone Glycosides : Methoxy Flavone Glycosides are major peaks independently identified and verified by Plant Sciences Analytical Services, Southern Cross University. 2012.  SDS, Specifications and CofAs are available.

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Product Name

NE Frangipani Extract ANE0045
Plumeria alba


Anti-aging Cosmetics
Advanced Hair Care
Skin Repair/Firming
Antioxidant Treatments
Active Mists/Toners
Wound Healing
Redness Reduction/Anti-inflammatory


Results based on Hydrophilic Water-soluble Extracts

Other Extract Options:

Dilution 1:10
Preserved or Unpreserved



Odour Profile

Sweet floral note

Use Level

Concentrate: 0.5 - <1.0%
Cosmetic (1:10): <5.0%


Plumeria alba (Frangipani) Extract
CAS: 94350-02-04
EC: 305-220-3

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