Finger Lime: The INSTANT Saviour for Stressed Skin

Fri, Aug 9th, 2019

Citrus and sores are typically a cringe-worthy combination, but our native Finger Lime Caviar CELLULAR EXTRACT is a soothing remedy that quickly cures numerous skin issues. It’s full of natural molecules, giving it recent recognition as an answer for barrier function impaired skin like eczema, psoriasis and extremely dehydrated, dry, flaky skin areas. We’ve had astounding results from our in-house trials using Finger Lime Caviar CELLULAR EXTRACT as a topical eczema treatment – helping to clear up aggressive flare ups in 4-5 days!

Do You Have Eczema?

Eczema is a chronic, inflammatory skin condition. Symptoms include areas of dry, itching and reddened skin most commonly found in the creases of the elbows, wrists, neck and behind the knees. Eczema is caused by a person’s inability to repair damage to their skin barrier. Once the skin barrier is disrupted, moisture leaves the skin and the skin becomes dry and scaly. Often, it’s a cycle that’s hard to break.

Traditional Treatments Sooth Symptoms – Not the Cause

Many prescriptions can cause more harm than help. Topically applying some thick ointments and creams can further damage the skin by blocking pores, which trap bacteria and irritants, disrupting skin’s natural hydrating processes and preventing their ability to remove toxins. While topical steroids remain the first-line treatment for infected eczema, they may entail risky side effects

·      Topical Steroids like Corticosteroid creams and ointments may cause thinning skin.

·      Creams containing calcineurin inhibitors — such as tacrolimus (Protopic) and pimecrolimus (Elidel) — are immune suppressants. If taken by mouth, calcineurin inhibitors can even increase the risk of non-malenoma skin cancers and lymphoma. 

·      Ultraviolet Radiation therapy (phototherapy) can lead to premature aging of skin and even cancer. 

Leveraging the Power of Nature – A world first extraction process

Traditional natural remedies range from sea sprays, oatmeal and witch hazel to primrose, coconut and sunflower oils. While these can soothe symptoms, our pure Finger Lime Caviar CELLULAR EXTRACT stands alone in natural potency and efficacy. Our innovative extraction process leverages the power of nature by capturing ALL of the fruit’s powerful water-soluble bio-actives in their synergistic relationships as they exist in the cell - their natural entourage.

These bio-actives hydrate and treat skin exactly as they do in the plant, helping the skin cells hydrate naturally from within, as well as supporting and repairing the skin’s barrier function.

The natural bio-actives in the Finger Lime Caviar extract got to work straight away. Our trial participants’ skin showed improvement within the first day! In as little as three days, the pain and discomfort had gone, leaving only a shadow of where the flare-up had been!

How Finger Lime Caviar CELLULAR EXTRACT Works

It’s all thanks to the special trifecta of synergistic phyto-compounds found in the Finger Lime caviar pearls:

·      Natural, Pure Vitamin C – This powerful anti-inflammatory reduces redness, offers anti-oxidant protection against further damage and hydrates skin cells from within. It delivers suppleness and hydration to the skin, whilst reducing the pain and discomfort of redness, flakiness and itching. Vitamin C is also a powerful free radical scavenger, helping to protect skin from more potential damage caused by harmful free radicals in the environment. 

·      Natural, Ferulic Acid – This amino acid repairs the barrier function while reducing the symptoms of sensitised skin. This is critical for eczema sufferers as damaged skin needs to be repaired before you can properly nourish it. It also helps protect skin from damaging environmental factors, particularly important when you’re dealing with allergies and skin conditions.

·      Natural, Tryptophan – This active helps to lock natural moisture into the skin, helping keep skin hydrated. This helps to limit further damage caused by dehydrated, damaged cells that are the primary cause of pain, sensitivity, dryness, discomfort and itching. 

Finger Lime Caviar extract offers exciting opportunities for powerful natural product development and formulation for sensitive and sensitised skin treatments. It also offers a unique point of difference, interesting imagery and a compelling story tapping in to the A-Beauty trend and the power of Australian Native botanicals.

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