BIOMIMICRY : nature's Blueprint
NATIVE EXTRACTS draws on the brilliance of nature's design : understanding how compounds are stored, what systems operate in a plant, cellular composition, liquid mediums, environmental stressors and plant behaviour to arrive at a technology that respects, works with and bio-mimics these mechanisms that have been tried and test by nature for billions of years. Introducing the new science of harnessing the power of nature : The evolution of the botanical extract is CELLULAR EXTRACTION™.

NATIVE EXTRACTS innovation in extraction process is a proprietory technology that creates an equilibrium between a plant cell and the liquid medium that simulates the cell environment. Entering the cell wall to diffuse phyto-active compounds into the liquid medium, without stressing or degrading the plant's biomatrix, delivering the full plant profile of water soluble or oil soluble phyto-compounds, as they exist in nature – stable and active for long periods of time.  Outdated extraction methods (maceration/percolation/powders etc) place the plant under extreme stress that rapidly uses up the phyto-compounds and compromises their bonds, resulting in an extract of decomposing plant matter. NOW phyto-compounds are easily transfered from their orginal cell environment to a medium ready to formulate.  Bio-actives can be derived from even once thought impervious sources. Our extraction process does not compromise the bio-matrix integrity of the fruit or plant, unlike the old methods of drawn out percolation or heat, where the raw material is often left stewing for days, fermenting & breaking down.

CELLULAR EXTRACTIONS are clean, fresh and rapid - The process has revolutionised what we can derive from fruits & plants.

The first TRUE TO NATURE extract

Nature doesn't create just a single compound, it is has evolved efficient and synergistic relationships between multiple compounds to sustain its survival and reproduction. A botanical extract should reflect the true blueprint of a plant. CELLULAR EXTRACTION delivers the first "True to Nature" full plant profile of phyto-active compounds (and their derivatives) found in any fruit, leaf, wood or flower in a botanical extract; independently verified by government laboratory LCMS guaranteeing their source and activity.  Many NATIVE EXTRACTS' "True to Nature" Cellular Extracts are organic certified and reflects the multi-compound/multifunctional benefits of the most potent botanical species on the planet. 

MULTIFUNCTIONAL : more out of your extract
One extracts deliver the power of 3 – 10 phyto-actives and there derivatives. Multi-functionality creates new efficiacy, formulation flexibility, and potentially cost effectiveness. The next generation 'Super Extract' is multifunctional and naturally sophisticated.

Our extracts can stand on their own - they are pure, and unadulterated with synthetic additives.


  • Limitless unique sources from nature
  • New Imagery & Marketability
  • Create advanced "natural" product lines with real stories & benefits

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